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Bigeye #30: Am386 DX-40!!!

Created on August 30, 2022
Indexed on September 21, 2022 at 11:05 PM

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Yes, this is a brand new rerecording. Why? Well, for one, I figured it would be much better to give you the raw deal of what it's like to play this game on a 386 without any spices added, and furthermore, the last attempt felt a bit too easy. Now it makes sense; trying to go to the end map directly through the console didn't set the right difficulty I had been using the whole time.

So, here is the true ending of Bigeye, an absolutely tedious to watch 35 minute run of the final level of Quake on the nightmare difficulty. This one was definitely not something I could do in one try. I rehearsed on a couple of my Pentium 4 computers and failed on this 386 twice before. Following the gameplay, you get to see the full ending struggle to print out, and I even log on to the Razornet from Windows 95 as a little victory lap.

Without any estatic crowd surrounding me, I could now see how anticlimactic it was to try to win at Quake on a 386. Whereas a game like G-Darius knows it's hard and it has so many qualities that would make you push yourself to complete it in a single life, Quake is not supposed to be run on a 386 and doing so just arbitrarily inflates its difficulty in such a way that you'd only want to accomplish this for comedy purposes. I did it so you don't have to!

Closing Statement

This may be the end of Bigeye, but it is only the start of a new future on Razorback. I have something in the works that longtime viewers back at the old, cursed realm will really love. See you soon.

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Kugee (real) - September 22, 2022 at 02:44 AM

That would merely compound the countless technical difficulties I had in creating the recordings for the fourth episode. I recall at least one hard drive was dying, and at least one motherboard was proving to be extremely finicky - possibly one of those that had a failing I/O chip, which looks to be alarmingly common for some boards from 1997. Ensuring the right machines were ready for takeoff took around three days.

The bombastic exaggerations that used to be here really obfuscated what it was like to be playing Quake on this kind of system. But to be right there in the seat having to look at a literal slideshow and make guesswork on where you're looking or moving, even constantly managing the screen size or deliberately looking against something just to speed the game up... it's at least 10x worse. Frame rate did matter after all.

Blue Horizon (real) - September 22, 2022 at 01:40 AM

Looking at how long it took to beat this map on nightmare, it was better off not having commentary to accommodate it more than anything, as me and others viewing it live a couple years ago would've possibly gotten tired of watching this after a while and realizing just how painful it was to sit through it all trying to complete it deathless at the time.

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