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Bigeye #28: Dual Pentium II

Created on June 17, 2020
Indexed on September 19, 2022 at 07:50 PM

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While Quake does not use symmetric multiprocessing, I did get an installation of Windows NT 4.0 running on here that can make use of the two 450MHz Pentium II CPUs. Perhaps they might be of use if you're going to run stuff in the background as you play Quake.

Of greater interest is the GeForce 256, which was dubbed "the world's first GPU". It integrated a number of complex rendering features into a single chipset. This card threw 3dfx off its footing, to which it would then be acquired by Nvidia themselves. The SDR version is being used here; the DDR version is even faster. Even so, this model happens to have 64MB of RAM, which is quite a bit higher than the usual 32MB these would've had.

P.S. Since recording this video, I did get two GeForce 256 DDR cards.

Music used: Ballistique of Three Brits - Clouds of Fire

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