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All of the stuff linked here is not made by me, only mirrored on my site for convenience.

Access the mirrored resources via FTP


  • Microsoft Help Compiler - the official program for building WinHelp files. This doesn't actually let you edit them directly; you still need to create an RTF document yourself in accordance with the syntax it uses. See the program's help contents for details.
  • Doom - Version 1.9 of the shareware release of Doom for MS-DOS.
  • Quake - Not the complete idstuff collection, but some materials that should get you up to speed in vanilla Quake and whatever else. (Don't ask me to put the full version up here)
    • QuakeWorld - original executables using a different protocol for internet deathmatches.
  • EPA Logo modification tools - Do you want to pimp your AwardBIOS? Can't stand hypocritical governments? Or are you a scumbag that doesn't know what a garbage can is? In any case, these tools will help you rebrand any AwardBIOS POST screen to your liking. Check README.TXT for instructions. Please be careful with these programs, as you risk rendering your system unbootable if you screw up somewhere.
  • VxDLIB - A replacement for DEVLIB to pack and unpack VxD files like VMM32.VXD.
  • XingMPEG Player - Plays back MPEG videos.
  • Microsoft Video for Windows - Allows you to play back videos in Windows 3.1x. Did you know that this can be used to play back 60FPS videos?
  • MultiErrorPro - generate real Win32 error dialogs with this advanced utility. Goodbye AtomSmasher!
  • Windows 95 Batch Setup 2.0 - updated version of the Windows 95 batch setup utility. This generates an INF file according to the settings you specify, and the Windows 95 setup program can read this file to automate some or all of the installation routine.
  • Scream Tracker 3 - the original DOS-based tracker to introduce the popular Scream Tracker 3 format for creating elaborate sample-based music.
  • Diamond Extraction Tool (32-bit) - the 32-bit version of the command line tool usually included with Windows 9x for extracting CAB files. This version should work on 64-bit Windows.
  • Diamond Disk Layout Tool - an earlier version of what would become MAKECAB, this program is better geared towards creating compressed cabinets for Windows 95 users.
  • IExpress 2.0 and MAKECAB - Microsoft's own tools for compressing files into cabinets and creating distributable self-extracting packages. This mirror is a repackaging of another mirror provided by MDGx.
  • The Hard Disk Manager - a menu-driven program launcher for MS-DOS. Also comes with a few other small utilities as well.
  • Game Show Presenter - Macromedia-based game show creator. Targeted towards corporate and education environments as a training tool, but could also be used for creating amusingly nonsensical quizzes. The company went out of business a few years back. Unregistered version.
  • Shutdown DOS Utility 1.2 - a freeware program by Blacklight for powering off ATX systems from MS-DOS. (source code)

Web Browsers

Some of these have been slightly tweaked so the default home pages point to active links designed with old browsers in mind. Remember, these can also be reached from the FTP server if you need a very quick way to get a web browser on your old machine.

Windows 3.1x users: Since you'll most likely already have a TCP/IP connection of some kind through Ethernet these days, you should not install the TCP/IP stack and dialer so as to not be pestered with the modem installation process.

Internet Explorer 3

Internet Explorer 5

As of September 7th, 2021, the Internet Explorer 5.5 package for Windows 9x/NT4/2000 was updated with to offer the option to install the Active Desktop update (the Windows 98 webby shell) via a custom installation. For this reason, the Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 mirror was deleted.

Important: If you decide to install the Desktop Update at a later time after you install the browser itself, both components "Internet Explorer 5.5 Web Browser" and "Windows Desktop Update" MUST be selected for reinstallation so the new shell installs properly! Selecting only the desktop update component leaves both Windows 95 and NT4 with a broken IE shell, and this can only be fixed by either uninstalling Internet Explorer or reinstalling both components at once. I do not have the time to develop a better workaround for this right now.

If you want to extract the contents of these packages to put on a CD-ROM or local network share, just use 7-Zip (   :


The updates provided are intended for vanilla, official installations of operating systems not butchered in any way.

Infrared for Windows 95

This is for Windows 95 RTM ONLY. You do not need this in Windows 95 OSR2 or Windows 98.

X570 Materials for Windows 7

Repackaged drivers and updates for Windows 7 SP1, useful for Ryzen motherboards up to the X570 chipset.

Tracker Modules

Don't expect much here, as Razorback doesn't specialize in tracker music archival.