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Quantum Bigfoot
Segment 5: Two Quantum Bigfoot Hard Drives in a Striped RAID

Originally encoded on April 12th, 2016 and published the same day

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Two Quantum Bigfoot hard drives standing next to each other

Whoa shit man there's two of them

This is a boring segment. All it does is show what two Quantum Bigfoot hard drives in a striped volume can do. There are two ways you can go about setting up a striped volume: one, either get a hardware IDE controller capable of setting up RAID 0 volumes (faster, potentially harder to come by), or use Windows NT's disk administrator to set up a striped volume by means of software (slower, but more readily available and may be more interchangable).

Even so, I think it is worth showing what Windows NT's volume striping function is like. This is supported in both the Workstation and Server editions, but the latter also supports software-based mirroring and parity striping.

Bigfoot drives are fun, but they're also slow, and both of mine had bad sectors on them when I purchased them. For a while that didn't deter me, but after the start of 2017, I pretty much stored them away for good. One has to wonder if there will be a way to restore ancient hard drives with fresh new platters in the future, but hard drives have always been so complex that it would be really difficult to say for sure. Plus, how does one install new platters without contaminating them or fumbling the whole thing?

In retrospect, employing the Dell Dimension XPS T600r for Hardcore Windows NT opened a missed opportunity. It was very fast, it had an AGP connector, and even SSE instructions in the Pentium III, which Service Pack 5 introduced support for... I probably could've shown it loading a 3D game, but I guess that was so far out of my mind with Windows NT at the time of production. A faster IDE controller could've improved performance as well, even if not by very much. It's that buffer memory some hard drives started adding that really makes the case for faster IDE controllers, and some other things too. Either way, I made something else, instead...

Lost Media VHs Productsion 1993 Poopy Jimson AUTTP

Guy enclosed in two hoodies (it's not a robe you fuck!)

What was supposed to be the "exciting" part of this segment was the playback of a second commercial for the hot new sitcom Spiritually Connected. It was supposed to mock a cringelord that overreacted to a dumb joke, but I ended up cutting it from the video post-upload because I felt people would take it the wrong way... this is what I'm referring to.

While I can't share the video of mine in question now, I can say it pretty much has the same unfunny corniness from the first, while also making a vague reference to Die Hard, I guess. Looking back at it now after like five years, that skit I did really isn't as offensive as my mind made it out to be! So... what happened?

This is getting into irrelevant territory, but 2016 was a really strange year. It seemed to be everything at once... everything is too offensive, Es Jay Dubyas are taking over MY COMEDY!!! and basically, this was the last year where you could really get away with edgy humor on YouTube, tasteless or not.

Is this kind of humor stupid? Yes, some jokes simply can't be excused. At the same time, something about the direction everything's shifted kinda has me concerned; maybe those idiots babbling about how comedy was being ruined could have been at most half right. It might not be so much the comedy as it is the new streams of endless positivity popping up all over. You are special! It's okay to just exist! Flowery rainbows, hello sunshine! STINY Bugfix peeping out of a crate with the door missing!

These aren't inherently bad, but I can't help but notice how everything seems to be so forcefully joyful and wholesome these days. It just doesn't reflect reality. Send me a picture of some giant lizard brushing his teeth, I'll say "oh hehe that's pretty cute", and then maybe a second later I'll close the window and realize that at the end of the day, nothing's really changed. My purpose is not to exist, it is to make something powerful...

So where's the line indicating when some joke's taken too far, and where's the line where someone's blowing a joke way out of proportion? One very very very very very obvious example has already been presented for the latter. Even then, it oughta be worth considering what others might think of what you say before you try cracking anything, and perhaps refine your craft... here is a great example of something that's attentively constructed to be highly endearing, despite potentially looking offputting in the title.

Still, sometimes I find myself questioning if maybe we should go back to the days of Filthy Frank when we were all a bunch of jackasses who didn't bother getting uptight and asking a million questions about the intentions of a comedian...