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December System Update

December 12, 2020 at 4:50 PM
Category: Site Related

GET ON THE RAZORNET - razorback95.com - reclaim the creatives.

Razornet is taking great strides. For the last two months, it was kind of stuck on progression, only having a website, FTP, and QuakeWorld. Some improvements would be made to the website here and there, including better support for very old browsers, an RSS feed, and a considerably more dynamic gallery, but in the past few days, major additions have been made. The first is the ability to contact me via email, eliminating the need for DMs managed by shady platforms.

Immediately after that, I finished configuring the IRC server, so you now have a clear alternative to Razorback's Discord server in case you don't want to put up with any of that JavaScript bullshit. Of course, you can connect with both legacy and modern clients; wouldn't want to deny the opportunity to have real-time conversations on Windows 95, now would I? You can connect right now using either of two ports:

(7/8/2021) Sadly I had to bring 'em down 'cuz nobody was usin' them and shit, bloody useless cretins want Discord instead (maybe I will put it back up in the future?)

Of course, the Discord server will not be deleted. I've previously expressed disdain for Discord in this article, but the fact remains that its bountiful of features in contrast to IRC can facilitate certain kinds of communication more effectively. But, IRC is much less bloated, and I'm pretty sure it has end to end encryption, which Discord refuses to implement.

Razorback IRC on mIRC

As more time passes, Razorback will evolve further, adding the ability to comment on articles and guides, as well as one day having a fully usable forum built completely from scratch! Like I said, this site isn't a joke. It's constantly on the move, ready to take on new challenges and revitalize 133MHz machines. Enter 1995 meditation...

Get the wallpaper above in your preferred resolution:


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