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Another Update on Things

September 2, 2021 at 11:35 PM
Category: Site Related

Somehow, I managed to go a whole month without writing any new articles for this site, yet I ended up posting three brand new (albeit quickly produced) videos for my channel showing my new server being installed. This is basically the opposite of what I wanted; I always wanted to turn focus to this website more, but on top of me being too occupied with a completely different project, I still felt that YouTube was sorely lacking in videos emphasizing on configuring a dual Pentium III server... it's as if people don't understand the purpose of Windows NT Server, they think it's just a rebranding of the same thing from before.

On top of all of that, things have been such a clusterfuck over here that I haven't been very compelled to work on Project Cisco at all, let alone get any real new site features implemented as I hoped to. All the while, the actual scope of Cisco was growing so far beyond the reaches of what I originally meant for it to be that it wasn't clear what I really wanted it to be anymore, nor was it attainable given the state of things.


I've decided to cancel Project Cisco. The idea wasn't coming to my mind easily, but it's still so far out of reach that I'm better off working on something else to lead the channel off on. That's exactly what I've been doing over the last few months; much of my efforts have been focused on creating a couple of final videos that should be well positioned to attain the same level of strength I'd want in them without all of the extra cumbersome work.

A collaborative project is really tough to pull off because it requires coordination across all contributors in order to maximize the effectiveness of its execution. This is especially problematic when the idea of filming live action clips with others is floated. At one point in my life, I was in a position where I could do just that on a fairly regular basis, but now that is not so much the case.

Although I envision the two videos I plan to make will be very difficult to perfect, they seem much more attainable as I can produce them exactly as I have been with most everything else - by myself, doing what I always do, demonstrating old hardware and software in unique ways beyond anyone's imagination. Given I will not be making anymore videos after those two, I hope they will suffice in fulfilling the legacy of classic Windows, and last for many years to come.

What these two videos are is not to be discussed. You will see everything unfold when it all does...


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